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About Us: Hardwood Flooring Nashville, TN

Blessings Hardwood Flooring – superior work, delivered by a focused, hard-working crew, on budget and on schedule, every time.


For both the company’s founder and a growing number of happy customers, Blessings Hardwood Flooring could not be more aptly named. Loyal clients are indeed fortunate to have found the rare combination of experience, integrity, customer service, and unparalleled craftsmanship that owner Musa Maluza brings to every Blessings Hardwood Flooring project.

Based in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Blessings Hardwood Flooring has become a go-to source for top quality hardwood flooring installation, restoration, and repair, serving a wide-ranging, discerning clientele across the Middle Tennessee region and beyond.

Among a growing community of busy professional contractors, Musa Maluza is well connected and universally respected for his efficiency and professionalism and for the attention to detail that distinguishes his work. Blessings Hardwood Flooring customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes with trusting their home to a seasoned professional who approaches every project with an optimum blend of passion, precision, and respect for his working environment.

Every Blessings Hardwood Flooring project is approached with an attitude of gratitude and an unbending commitment to exceptional service and craftsmanship.

A man of few words, Musa Maluza has quietly built a fiercely loyal clientele with word of mouth as his primary marketing tool. He is the living embodiment of the expression, “People work with people they like,” and Blessings Hardwood Flooring reflects its owner’s upbeat personality and deeply engrained work ethic.

Musa’s knowledge of his industry and his materials is second to none, and Blessings Hardwood Flooring’s clients and fellow contractors describe his custom color matching expertise with phrases like “the man is an artist,” and “simply the best.” It’s those skills, those details, that can make all the difference in what is a significant investment and a practical and visually arresting centerpiece of any home.

Blessings Hardwood Flooring – superior work, delivered by a focused, hard-working crew, on budget and on schedule, every time.


At Blessings Hardwood Flooring, we work with discerning homeowners and contractors who insist upon an optimum level of expertise and craftsmanship in the sourcing, installation, and restoration of quality hardwood flooring. While our experience and high level of reliability and service distinguish us among our competitors, what truly separates Blessings Hardwood Flooring from others is the integrity and unparalleled quality of our work.

“Musa is very focused, and a very determined, hard-working guy. Everything he does, he puts his heart and soul into it.”

“Musa is really good at matching, he’s an artist. If you had to take out an island and match something in, he can do that. He’s honestly the best.”

Musa Maluza

Musa, the founder of our company, moved from Zambia in Central Africa to the United States in 1999 to study Computer Science at MTSU. He ventured into the flooring industry in 2001 during his college years and established his own flooring business in 2005. Musa possesses a deep understanding of various wood flooring types and has a particular expertise in color matching stains for floor repairs.


Tiffany, our office manager, was raised in Williamson County, Middle Tennessee, and pursued a degree in Psychology at MTSU. Her journey in the construction sector began in 2010 when she co-founded a construction company with her then-husband. As a general contractor, Tiffany oversaw a range of projects, from minor repairs to extensive bathroom and kitchen renovations. In her last two years in the business, she focused on house flipping, successfully managing 17 flips within a single year. Her extensive experience in construction, design, and business management is a significant asset to Blessings Hardwood Flooring.