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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to sand and finish?

Typically 3-5 days depending on the square footage

How long does it take to start a project?
We can usually get you on the schedule to install in 1-3 weeks.
Can you pick up & deliver my material?
Yes there is a delivery fee but we can pick up and deliver material. Hardwood and engineered wood will be delivered 48+ hours in advance of the project start date. LVP can be delivered the day of up to 48 hrs in advance of project start date.
Do you do repairs?
Yes we repair all types of flooring.
What is the difference between LVP & LVT?
LVP is a plank board that is narrow and long. It is varying widths and normally 48 in long and typically has a wood look. LVT is a tile look. It is normally 12 in by 24 in. Both are installed either clicked together or glued down.
Can engineered floors be refinished?
Typically engineered floors can be refinished 1 time.